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How can I find frogs in Cambridge?

I would like to photograph a lot of animals, and the only ones I have left are badgers, frogs, long-eared and little owls.
I already asked about the owls and let's just say didn't get the response I was hoping for.
The badgers are in a location I know but it is closed right now!
That leaves just frogs. I am not asking for pool frog locations, and I understand nobody would give me that anyway. I am asking for simple, common frogs, Rana temporaria.
Out of all the animals, this is the last one I expected to ask about.
Can anyone advise me how to find them? I have gotten up early and scoured Bramblefields, I visited Barnwell east and Byron's Pool, I scoured my garden, nothing!
The only time I saw frogs this year was one in March when one was jumping around near me as I waited for a bus and a dead skeleton of a frog on a road.
Has anyone seen frogs in cambridge this summer? are there any good sites?
Or, at least, how can I observe them, when, where?
Thank you very much!
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