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Originally Posted by Andy Bright
Wonderful, I've always had a fascination with Oklahoma's state bird the Scissortail flycatcher... very nearly had a chance to go to Oklahoma a few years ago but it didn't quite work out and I have still to see it for real, I make do with the birdforum gallery to see them
We are seeing plenty of summer species coming back over here in the U.K. although on a day like today, you do wonder why.

I think it is the long tail flowing in the wind as they dip and dart, like a flag or streamer. Other tropical birds have long flowing tail feathers but this is the only one that reaches this far north to my knowledge at least in the US. What about European birds? Do any have long flowing tails?

Right next to the Tulsa Airport is Mohawk park where the Oxley Nature center is located. Plan a few hours layover sometime and take a short ride over to the park and enjoy.
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