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Originally Posted by GaryWilson001 View Post
I do agree, I've also read a review The 10 Best Monoculars of 2019 that made the Wingspan Optics Explorer their number 1 choice... What do you think?
I find it hard to take that review seriously when they omit Nikon's outstanding 5x15 and 7x15 High Grade monoculars.

Originally Posted by Hermann View Post
The Monovid 8x20 is amazing. I wouldn't use it for any serious birding though. A monocular is just a bit too limiting IMO.
It's much harder to maintain a stable view, but they have their uses. I'll take one for EDC in summer when it's too hot to wear a jacket. Usually the Nikon over the Monovid because of the smaller size.

That said, the Nikon 7x15 miniature reverse porros are not much larger than the monoculars, surprisingly good given their size, and in fact both ship with the same leather case.
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