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My first experience with a monocular was almost 50 years ago and due to their lack of eye relief, combined with their small ocular lens back then was pretty much a turn off for me. Now it’s like night to day when comparing them to back then. Today if you want the best in optical viewing and the ease of use with a large ocular lens you have to stop thinking “Cheap” . My suggestion would be an Opticron DBA or DBA VHD 8 or 10x monocular. For lower power between 5x and 7x I would suggest the little Vixen HR 6x21 ED. I have owned the Opticrons and the little Vixen. They are extremely bright/sharp being very eyeglass friendly with easy eye placement. I know there are many reasons stated here to dislike their use but if you like the idea of a Monocular for carry you really have to try one of the above mentioned or if you prefer one of the Leica or Zeiss monocular models. Remember you get what you pay for and it could not be any more true if you want a sharp/bright view with easy use for that one eye view.

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