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I always spend at least one day at the Sungei Wetland Reserve when Im in Singapore. Of course, Botanical Garden is a sure thing.

Arriving early to the wetlands 6 in the morning and it is pitch dark. They open at 7 but to be in the area when the day light breaks is very nice. And you get a chance to see crocodiles.

Botanical Garden, the Swan lake and there is a small pond where there is a Blue eared Kingfisher every now and then, you see all the bird watchers there with their cameras. And they are friendly, if the bird is not there try the Symphony Lake. Right hand side when you face the scene. There is also the place where they spot the Blue eared Kingfisher. And the famous White throated sitting on the ARROW fishing

You see the Red Legged Quail, flower peckers and Sunbirds. Look up the trees and you are almost guaranteed to see an oriental pied hornbill. They are there almost every time I have been there

Places where I have been looking for birds in Singapore map

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