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Originally Posted by Digbert Doobrey View Post
Numbers 1 & 3 are Flycatchers I think. Possibly the same species but which one I've no idea. Number 2 I also haven't got a clue. The bird appeared to have a very short tail although it might just have been the angle it was perched. Number 4 is possibly a Summer Tanager inbetween plummages.

This were seen a few days ago on my Costa Rican holiday in the tops of trees and scrub surrounding a car park near Playa Conchal.
1) Although the larger bird's bill has a bit of an icterid (blackbird) feel to it, I think this is probably female Western tanager. The smaller bird is a m euphonia, and since I can't see white in the vent, it might be something like spotted-crowned (if in range)
2) is an oriole, perhaps Baltimore?
3) a tyrannid but would require more work to figure out which flycatcher
4) might be f summer tanager as I don't see evidence of greyish tones to make it hepatic
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