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Hi Sarah,

Another welcome to the forum. Keep in mind that regardless of the price range, there is no universally acknowledged "best binocular". The reason is in the enormous variability in the user population. My best may not be somebody else's best. It has to suit you and you alone. There are indeed many choices, enough to be confusing in the least.

I'd actually tend to ask for a bit more information. For instance what is your budget limit. When I see Bushnell come up I tend to think there may be a constraint involved. Nothing wrong with that or with Bushnell either. Another thing is what are you looking for in terms of overall size, and do you have close set eyes?. If you need to get the objectives close together then there are some product limitations involved. Not all binoculars may have adequately narrow inter-pupillary adjustments. The most important thing to get right is to get a binocular that fits you well. A good binocular that does not fit is not so good.

The previous recommendations for the Bushnell M is going to be nearly impossible to beat price wise, provided they are still out there for the $160.00. But they are big. If you want smaller, then there is the SIghtron S II at about the same price. It is a 32 mm size and about half as large as the Bushnell M.

Look for fit first, then a balance of fit and performance.

"Do what you can, where you are, with what you have" Teddy Roosevelt.
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