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Originally Posted by opisska View Post
They don't propose renaming all american birds, just those named after white people. Do you seriously need to make clickbait titles even on birdforum?

Personally I have noticed this weird tendency to have bird names in English after people and not the birds themselves a long time ago and consider it absurd. Does everything need to be a little memorial to someone? In Czech, there are a few similar outliers, but most birds are named after some feature of theirs, which is muchore logical. Moreover, that's also more likely to be stable in time.

I am not personally bothered by the fact that the names come from "white people", but having a bird named after a confederate general is outrageous and that really needs to be changed. We have also removed all references to Stalin from all our naming systems .
Here's the list, a subsequent commentator doesn't like 'Pygmy' either.

Ross’s Goose to Pygmy Snow Goose

Ring-Necked Duck to Ring-Billed Duck

Steller’s Eider to Siberian Eider (Duck)

Barrow’s Goldeneye to Mountain Goldeneye

Gambel’s Quail to Sonoran Quail

Clark’s Grebe to Yellow-Billed Grebe

Cory’s Shearwater to European Shearwater

Buller’s Shearwater to New Zealand Shearwater

Audubon’s Shearwater to Caribbean (Tropical Atlantic) Shearwater

Wilson’s Storm-Petrel to Ubiquitous Storm-Petrel

Leach’s Storm-Petrel to North Ocean Storm-Petrel

Brandt’s Cormorant to Pacific Cormorant

Pelagic Cormorant to Littoral Cormorant

Cooper’s Hawk to Aggressive Hawk

Harris’s Hawk to Pack-Hunting Hawk

Swainson’s Hawk to Grasshopper Hawk

Ferruginous Hawk to Iron Hawk

Ridgeway’s Rail to Western Rail

Wilson’s Plover to Thick-Billed Plover

Whimbrel to Whimbrel Curlew

Hudsonian Godwit to Muskeg Godwit

Baird’s Sandpiper to Long-Winged Sandpiper

Kittlitz’s Murrelet to Glacier Murrelet

Scripps’s Murrelet to Gray-Black Murrelet

Craveri’s Murrelet to Baja Murrelet

Cassin’s Auklet to Blue-Steel Auklet

Bonaparte’s Gull to Boreal or Tree-Nesting Gull

Sabine’s Gull to Xema (Tundra) Gull

Ross’s Gull to Pink-Hued Gull

Franklin’s Gull to Pothole Gull

Heermaan’s Gull to Mexican Gull

Forster’s Tern to Marsh Tern

Vaux’s Swift to Small-Billed Swift

Rivoli’s Hummingbird to Majestic Hummingbird

Anna’s Hummingbird to Chaparral Hummingbird

Costa’s Hummingbird to Desert Hummingbird

Allen’s Hummingbird to Pacific Hummingbird

Lewis’s Woodpecker to Great Basin Woodpecker

Red-bellied Woodpecker to Eastern Red-Capped Woodpecker

Williamson’s Sapsucker to Ponderosa Sapsucker

Nuttall’s Woodpecker to California Woodpecker

Sprague’s Pipit to Shortgrass Pipit

Couch’s Kingbird to Gulf Kingbird

Cassin’s Kingbird to Mountain Kingbird

Peewees renamed Contopus

Olive-Sided Flycatcher to Olive-Sided Contopus

Say’s Pheobe to Peach-Bellied Contopus

Hammond’s Flycatcher to Canopy Flycatcher

Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher to Scissor-Tailed Kingbird

Fork-Tailed Flycatcher to Fork-Tailed Kingbird

Cassin’s Vireo to Olive-Sided Vireo

Hutton’s Vireo to Kinglet Vireo

Steller’s Jay to Black Crested Jay

Woodhouse’s Scrub Jay to Interior Scrub Jay

Clark’s Nutcracker to Alpine Nutcracker

Bewicks Wren to Shrub Wren

Townsend’s Solitaire to Rocky Mountain Solitaire

Bicknell’s Thrush to Atlantic Nightingale-Thrush

Swainson’s Thrush to Boreal Nightingale-Thrush

Bendire’s Thrasher to Straight-Billed Thrasher

LeConte’s Thrasher to Mohave Thrasher

Smith’s Longspur to Tree-line Longspur

McCown’s Longspur to Dakota Longspur

McKay’s Bunting to Island Snow Bunting

Louisiana Waterthrush to Stream Waterthrush

Northern Waterthrush to Fen Waterthrush

Prothonotary Warbler to Golden Swamp Warbler

Swainson’s Warbler to Pocosin Warbler

Tennessee Warbler to Spruce Warbler

Lucy’s Warbler to Sonoran Warbler

Nashville Warbler to Blue-Gray Headed Warbler

Virginia’s Warbler to Great Basin Warbler

Connecticut Warbler to Eye-Ringed Warbler

MacGillvray’s Warbler to Brush Warbler

Kentucky Warbler to Understory Warbler

Kirtland’s Warbler to Jack Pine Warbler

Cape May Warbler to Tiger Warbler

Blackburnian Warbler to Flame-Faced Warbler

Palm Warbler to Wagging Warbler

Prairie Warbler to Scrub Warbler

Grace’s Warbler to Mountain Pine Warbler

Townsend’s Warbler to Fir Warbler

Canada Warbler to Shady-Woods Warbler

Wilson’s Warbler to Black-Capped Warbler

Morelet’s Seedeater to Northern White-Collared Seedeater

Botteri’s Sparrow to Semi-Desert Warbler

Cassin’s Sparrow to Southern Plains Warbler

Backman’s Sparrow to Palmetto Sparrow

Baird’s Sparrow to Northern Plains Sparrow

Henslow’s Sparrow to Tall-Grass Sparrow

LeConte’s Sparrow to Wet-Grass Sparrow

Nelson’s Sparrow to Disjunct Sparrow

Brewer’s Sparrow to Great Basin Sparrow

Harris Sparrow to Taiga Sparrow

Bell’s Sparrow to Chaparral Sparrow

Lincoln’s Sparrow to Willow Sparrow

Abert’s Towhee to Sonoran Towhee

Tanagers to Piranga

Hepatic Piranga

Summer Piranga

Scarlet Piranga

Western Piranga

Scott’s Oriole to Yucca Oriole

Brewer’s Blackbird to Pasture Blackbird

Cassin’s Finch to Inter-Mountain Finch

Lawrence’s Goldfinch to California Goldfinch
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