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Originally Posted by opisska View Post
@andy: still not nearly all birds :) Some of the non-white-people proposals are actually things that were bugging me for years and make perfect sense, such as Ring-necked Duck. And Tanagers really need to be completely redone, too many things are called "Tanager", even from different families!
But the same is true of warbler, sparrow, finch, flycatcher, hawk, bunting, etc.

I mean if you're going to rename all North American 'tanagers' to Piranga, then what's the point of having Scarlet Piranga, Summer Piranga, Western Piranga, etc. Why not just go all the way and call them Piranga olivacea, P. rubra, P. ludoviciana, etc?

There's no such thing as a perfect bird name, as long as we all know what the names Scarlet Tanager or Song Sparrow or Ring-necked Duck refer to, then what's the problem? I do think Palmetto Sparrow and Dakota Longspur are wonderful names, though
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