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Originally Posted by John Cantelo View Post
As you will be aware the species was poorly covered in field guides into the 1990s and even then until Iberian Grey Shrike was 'split' few people bothered to be precise about which "Great Grey Shrike" they saw.
True. Same with Iberian Chiffchaff, btw

Originally Posted by Graham Moffat View Post
Hi Goncalo
Yes, the first accepted record (after the split) seems to be 9 December 2010 in Navarra as you say, but there have been quite a few others from August through to April but with most birds [92%] seen Oct - Feb: October c16 records; November c11; December c12; January c19; February c10 and March c4. The records range from Galicia, Asturias, Catalonia, Comunidad Valenciana and the Balearics (Cabrera). Most records are from the Biscay coastal areas. I think some of these records must be from before the split though, since some extend back to the 1990s when presumably they were identified as northern race birds. No records given for Portugal - yet!
Hope this helps.
Best wishes
Yes, for those older records I'd say it's impossible to know which (sub)species was involved. Indeed no records for Portugal so far, maybe one day.

Thanks all for your help.
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