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Please excuse my terrible mistake, in fact they are collared doves.

However it is the first year that they behave in this strange way.

They entered my house through the windows several times.

The other morning they sang at 6:30 am with 0 c.

They are singing all day from all winter and all summer singing at all hours of the day.

In your opinion, could they be disturbed by some external source? Ultrasound? Laser? Even the flight paths I see very strange...

Given their strange behavior I tried to document myself and I also read about a study and experiment carried out at a university in China "Shandong University of Science and Technology" In 2007 they implanted some electrodes in the brains of some pigeons being able to control them perfectly remotely through a PC.

In 2019 nanotechnologies are very advanced and the so-called BCI "Brain Computer Interface" are reality.

What if they were testing these technologies illegally without the knowledge of the masses ?

The video of the experiment:

I can't give myself a plausible explanation :)

leaving the conspiracies aside I would like to understand why they are behaving this way :)

Anyway I'm documenting everything with videos and in case I have something interesting I'll publish it here on the forum. : T:
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