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Web Camera Hardware?

Hi Folks!

My wife is the birdwatcher in the family (but not so good with computers, which is why I'M asking the question for her.)

She's recuperating from a near-fatal incident of pulmonary embolisms, and they're telling us it'll be years before she's back to where she was pre-incident. She'd really like to be able to watch her feeders on her laptop when she wants to 'check-in.'

I tried to set up an Astek Mole WiFi cam for her, but it's a long story, and in the end the video is awful... it's more of a security camera; it takes a frame every second or two, so there's no motion at all... it's all but useless for birdwatching.

Searches are not turning up anything useful... everybody wants to show me game cameras (the kind you strap to a tree then retrieve later); no luck finding a full-motion video camera that you can watch through a WiFi network, not necessarily through the web.

Does anyone here have a setup that does this, and would you be wiling to share what equipment you're using? We'd both appreciate it!
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