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Hey Mono!

Turns out the Astek camera is about nine or ten years old (the date in the setup was 2011). All the directions are useless, as they point to pages that don't exist anymore, and they aren't responding to attempts at support. It was in unbroken shrink wrap, and looked brand new, which is why I bought it (from a large local 'used-goods' store). It might do full-motion, but I can't access the setup page, and setting it up directly through the router allows me to make changes, but it won't save them... so it's pretty much useless at this point. It supports two formats; the 'native' one gives the choppy 'frame-frame-frame' picture, and the other one uses Apple QuickTime, which is no longer supported by Apple as it is supposedly incorporated into Win10... yet it doesn't work either. Typical hardware mess... stuff either works right out of the chute, or it's a major struggle to get it to work.

All the search strings I've been using have turned up nothing but those game-cams that you have to retrieve and watch... no remote viewing. What kind of search terms ('keywords') were you using? I'm obviously not asking the right question in the search bar!
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