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Originally Posted by NoSpringChicken View Post
Hi Jules. I was thinking about the PEN E-P5 purely as a camera for digiscoping, when the rear LCD is more useful than a viewfinder (or is it?)

I have tried digiscoping in the past and have no plans to return to it. I am still using Olympus 4/3 gear and hope that Olympus will eventually produce the rumoured camera which will allow me to use my existing lenses, while providing fast and accurate focusing. The EM-5 is a lovely little camera but it's not for me, I'm afraid.

Hi Ron,

Well, I think you should view our "astroscoping" as closer related to using a MF supertelephoto lens attached to a DSLR than to digiscoping. (Another name I have seen used is "prime focusing" since the image is projected directly on the camera sensor.

Were you using a spotting scope with eyepiece when you tried DS? What scope/ocular/camera did you use? I started this way, got some quite good results, but nothing in parity with my astroscoping results.

I have several Zuiko lenses and also a Bigma but almost stopped using them for bird and wildlife photography, except when on travel/field when portability is critical or in those rare occasions when subjects don't fit in the frame.

(Already said before) One of the great assets with the EM5 is the electronic viewfinder that will render a bright image regardless of light conditions, furthermore you can program the EM5 to display a magnified image upon half-press of the shutter button. Great feature to assess focus in poor light.

Another great feature is the ability to take pictures with a gentle touch on the LCD. Really useful when shake blur starts to be a concern and you need to lock the tripod and should avoid holding the camera.

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