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Originally Posted by Paul Corfield View Post
Alphan, to be fair it's not including astro scopes but that would come under the photography category anyway as it's basically a prime lens. If you wanted to look at the birds then you would likely carry a small pair of binoculars, that's what I do anyway, or I get my kids to carry (fight over) them. You buy an astro scope if you are mainly a photographer and don't want the cost of a 600mm lens but do end up with something equal to or better in terms of image quality than the Canon 600mm (as Fernando's link showed perfectly the other day).

I think one angle where the description above is coming from is where people buy a spotting scope, take off the eyepiece and stick a dslr adapter on it and then use it as a 700mm lens. At that point you have become a photographer and the spotting scope functionality is gone as you would have to take off the adapter, re-attach the eyepiece etc. The spotting scope has basically ceased to be a spotting scope and the person would have been better off with a camera lens.

I couldnt have put it better Paul, this question does come up time and time again in my email inbox, i just thought that this was a general, genuine, sticky to put up onthe forum if the mods allow

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