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Originally Posted by Paul Hackett View Post

There are no reasons why a birder would buy long lens instead of a spotting scope. :)


Perhaps but not so in my thinking paul.... A long lens allows you as a birder to capture shots of birds (as opposed to bino's) and come back to the computer to not only have memories but also to help in the ID of those same birds.

Case in Point...Ecuador. Wow...a ton of birds and many of them look the same. In the field one cannot easily ID all of the little nuances of each bird to clearly ID the exact bird. So while a person will eventually know the birds in their area, new areas pose issues such as basic ID, hence a photo helps.

But Paul...I like your thinking otherwise...although again, I would never say never. I would change your 'never's' to 'majority of time' ...nicely done, jim
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