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"Most of the time I move my head to see what is at the edge of the view. But I've noticed that well designed binoculars with flat fields that I have used have a larger area of sharpness in their overall view than binoculars without flat fields." I have to agree with Ceasar. A flat field binocular with sharp edges seems to me to have a bigger FOV because it has a bigger sweetspot. Even though I am not constantly looking at the edges I know if they are sharp or not because I am aware of my peripheral vision. If a binoculars edges are soft I know they are soft without directly looking at them. I can "feel" it. I would say to Mike F. I have not directly compared the NV 10x42 to the UV 10x50 but I have compared the SV 10x42 to the SV 10x50 and the SV 10x50 is better because the bigger aperture gives you more advantages optically than advances in coatings will. The bigger EP in the 10x50 and the bigger objective will give you an easier more aberration free image than the 10x42 and it will be better in lower light plus it has a bigger FOV. If I were you I would go with the 10x50 UV if the additional weight and size are not an issue. Also, check out the SV 10x50 unless you are sold on the Leica view. They are very good and even though they are flat field with sharp edges they have more 3D than the smaller apertures like the 10x42 SV. They might surprise you.

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