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Originally Posted by njlarsen View Post
I read the rumor to say the eventual replacement will be a mirrorless. However, full frame vs APC? Analysts say that full frame will be only25-30 of the total market, but canon seems to think it will be where the profit is.

Yes, this is a possibility. Either way I think Canon are dumping on their customers (and potential customers) from a great height.

I highly doubt that any 90D (despite a better sensor) is going to be up to 7D III levels of fps, AF tracking accuracy, buffer depth, and processing speed, ergonomics and pro control, build quality levels - durability /weather sealing.

It just doesn't make sense.

As for a Mirrorless '7D III' successor - those waters are even muddier.

I would suggest that the FF high res 'R8' of 70MP won't cut it even though it has an APS-C resolution of ~27MP. I can't see it being up to snuff fps (AF & AE tracking), buffer, or ergonomics wise. It may be capable processor wise in DX mode, but this thing would have to cost a bomb ..... and there are no native long lenses for at least a generation. And then of course the EVF's are not really up to snuff for high speed work yet and able to match the real life comfort of an OVF.

A dedicated R mount APS-C Mirrorless '7D III' could be optimised better for less cost, but I would still question whether at this time the mirrorless system AF and ergonomics are up to 'Pro' work .... and honestly - how long is it going to take to get here ..... 2021+ ?

To my mind, Canon should have had a DSLR 7D III released last year or early this year at the latest. It should have been 24 ~32MP with at least 10fps, and class leading AF (including tracking and AE). There must be stacks of 7D II owners out there disgruntled at getting thumped by Nikon's D500 for nearly 3 years now. As well as plenty of folk like me who would like to jump into Canon's leading light weight lenses but can't live with the duff bodies ..... that's a lot of $ going begging.

Yes I know the 7D II works 'ok' .... but if I'm going to outlay umpteen thousand dollars - I want to know that I have the best.

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