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Hi again Jared

There are two main places to post your pictures, in the forum or in the Gallery. I hope the following will assist you.

To upload your pictures, first make sure they're no more than 1600 pixels on the longest side. Save a copy to your desktop. This is for jpgs, it varies for other formats, which are shown on the pop-up screen.

To upload the pictures in a thread, make sure you're in an advanced posting mode, either by starting a new thread, or by clicking on Post Reply (if you're in Quick Reply, click on Go Advanced).

After you've typed your comment, scroll down below the message pane and you will see a grey Manage Attachments button.

Click on that and then Browse for your first picture and double click on it. Click on Upload and wait a few seconds until you see the filename appear in the box.

You can do this 4 more times for each post (the maximum is 5 pictures per post, but there is no limit in the thread).

Close the box.

You can check the pictures are there if you click on Preview.

When you submit your post the pictures should appear at the bottom.

To post in the Gallery, simply click on the main Gallery tab at the top of your screen (or here is a quick link:; then click on the large orange Upload Photo button on the top RHS.

Do come back if you need more assistance.
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