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Originally Posted by Hauksen View Post

Here's the link:

How do you determine the proper distance? As my trail cam has a tiny low-resolution display, and my computer takes forever to mount and dismount memory cards, I'd enthusiastically try to make it work with as little trial and error as possible ... :-/


Hi Henning, from memory I did a few trial shots with a rule at right angles to the camera and found the sweet spot that way. DOF is fairly shallow but my set up was mostly for night use - I think the day time stuff with better light was a bit more forgiving. Haven’t got the camera trap boxes with me but I remember that focus was around about 25cm but it varies depending on the lens used.

Always the chance of catching a surprise nocturnal visitor to the feeder if left overnight - I used to get wood mice and occasionally hazel dormice on mine in France.

P.S. I tried 4 different cameras for nocturnal use with close-up lens attached and surprisingly the cheapest one produced the best results.

I tried a camera from Aldi but it didn’t adjust the led output so I just got total white out. The bushnell “aggressor” no-glow started each video as a white out but quickly adjusted to the correct level. Another camera from spycameracctv didn’t cope well with the close up lens - but I can’t recall the problem.
The best performer (at least for nighttime video) was a VWTECH camera from Amazon which I don’t think they sell anymore.

There’s every chance that for day time stills/videos the issues I had will not apply though.

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