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Originally Posted by Sangahyando View Post
AFAIK there aren't really any birds in North America bigger than pelicans, though. In fact, pelicans are among the largest extant birds capable of flight. The bird might've appeared larger than usual because usually one doesn't get that close to them (also, sudden encounters can have that effect, in my experience).
The behaviour still fits a gull best (they are the only seabirds I know of that routinely pirate food from humans, and not just other seabirds), perhaps "just" a young American Herring Gull?
We were startled, it was all a sudden, but it did have black feathers peppered all through the white ones, not uniformed at all, if you understand that part. It was like a black feather stuck here and there. Weird. Also I felt it was larger than myself, I'm over 5'6, and the others were holding at their hearts plastered against the sliding glass door. We were on the balcony. Scrambling inside my cousin made fun of us, thinking it only a pelican, but I know close up it wasn't the bird you showed me or a pelican. I will know it when i see it again. It was larger than this one bird seen two men hold up that was all one color, looking gray. Forget what it was called. Flamingos are very large, know its nothing like it, but maybe a bird out of location? It's hard when not familiar with large birds, and what you said could be a factor in making a size comparison. Hope to I.D. this bird. Thanks.

I forgot to question you about North America because this was on vacation at Corpus Cristi , TX , which think is South, so maybe there is some other birds you might be able to think of?

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