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Originally Posted by Kibet View Post
I would agree that Florida (I did this last year on Tampa side) does benefit from the car due to lack of public transport, but you may find that Uber/Lyft makes your reach slightly greater (heading down to Lake Tohopekaliga). As everyone seems to mention, have a look at ebird, which will allow you to see the hotspots around the area and then use google maps to check how far it is by road. A rough calculation for Uber would be 1.5 x miles (not exactly)

For a future possibility, San Francisco and the bay area lends itself well for different birding destinations by public transport. The local Audubon Society (GGAS) also has lots of monthly bird trips (including midweek ones), so you can meet with others in the morning, and then carry on or move on if you wish. 3 weeks travel for about 220 USD (70 Bart/Bus, 130 Uber and 20 Airport Shuttle). Some people I met did give me lifts back though (or to nearest BART).

Good Luck!
Thanks for that. Am considering San Francisco too.

Problem for me with Uber or doober or scooby doober, or any of these non tax paying Apps that use slave labour and kill the market for established tax paying individuals, is that I am a London black cab driver. Obviously you were not to know that but the fact is I will saw my own legs off before I get in an uber.

Anyhow if their drivers over there are as professional as the ones in London Iím more likely to end up in Times Square as in the Everglades with or without a sat nav.

I do go south of the river by the way. Be lucky!
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