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Originally Posted by Digbert Doobrey View Post
The two large birds on the left were Tropical Kingbirds if I remember correctly. The Euphonia is Scrub Euphonia, and theres a Streak backed Oriole on the left.
Its the birds on the right of the pic I'm struggling with.
So this looks like another photo of the various songbirds you posted separately. If so, you've confirmed some of the ids there, and got ids for the others! [I noted m euphonia there:—so we know it's actually scrub euphonia]. I suggested baltimore oriole for the oriole you posted there, but perhaps it's streak-backed...

On the right there's a tanager. This should be Western Tanager as per the other post and it's accompanied by two female euphonias. These are probably scrub. Agree the large birds look like Tropical Kingbirds so that might be the ID of the flycatcher in the other post (although that looked different from memory: not the greatest photo/angle)
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