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Originally Posted by Tringa45 View Post
Hi Ace,

For observing with an ATX 85 the Manfrotto 055 would be adequate in most situations but for digiscoping I think you would need something like the MT057C3. It's only 800 g heavier than an 055 and the height should be sufficient with the angled scope - if not then the MT057C4.

Should these be too expensive, then one of the aluminium studio tripods such as the 475B or 028B would provide a very stable base at the cost of a bit more weight.

You might also like to consider the MVH502AH as an alternative to the MVH500AH.

Thank you John. I will go and have a look at the store but I'm not sure whether they have MT057C4. If not, I think I will go for 055CXPRO3 instead. One user said that he doesn't have any issue with this combination (055 carbon + mvh500ah).
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