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focus problem

Originally Posted by Turtle Dove View Post
Hi all, I was recently fortunate enough to acquire a near mint condition set of Swift Trilyte model 715 7 x 35, with the twist up/down eye cups.
They offer a very bright crisp image with a huge dof and are nice and compact in the hand.
The only issue is that they only seem to focus down to around forty feet and the focus wheel doesn’t have to be move much to go from close focus to infinity. It will move by another 360 deg or so until the stop, but the image is out of focus.
My question is, could the focus wheel have slipped and need re setting? Anyone any experience with these?
I have known the centre lock screw to undo and allow the focus range to change. The mechanism is inside under the focus wheel. There are two arms that join on the focus shaft and the lock screw keeps them in place. I am sure it originally focused a bit closer than 40 ft but maybe not as close as the latest models .
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