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May visit to Shenyang (and Yingkou)

Hi All,

I guess Andrew will not mind hijacking his thread as it has been very quit since last year.

I will visit my family-in-law in Shenyang next month, for a little over 2 weeks (9-25th), including a 1-day visit to some friends of my wife in Yingkou. This is my fourth time and I am not having any illusions anymore of doing some serious birding, being with my family all the time. In addition it is a very short period. But I do as much as possible observations 'on-the-way' (mostly to the shopping malls ) as I can.

The nice thing about this time will be the fact that it will be the first time I will be there in the best time of the year, May. I think I will be able to do one or two trips (with family) to some forested area's like Beiling Park and/or the parks to the east of Shenyang. I wondered if some of you would know which (common) song birds I should look out for in that period of the year, so I can try gathering and learning sounds for ID.

I assume there is no chance I could hire an (broken) English speeking birdguide for the day I am in Yingkou? Preferrably with some transportation and a scope.

If I see more than just the most common (tree sparrow, magpie, barn swallow, japanese tit,...) I will leave a note with my observations in this thread. I Hope I will be writing here again...

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