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Sure, Bill, if you can hold a 10x steady, you will get more detail in closer objects than lesser powers, and it's why it's been my favorite for a while now for that reason. Of course, it can't compete with a spotting scope of so much higher magnification, nor with your camera either, except for the detail it provides at 10x in the bins.

But recently I just discovered how much detail you can miss, if you are not holding the 10x's steady-you can miss a lot, if so. I found out that 8x can still give you a great view, and very detailed as long as you are steady (and it's easier then too), but if you can't, then there's no advantage. So sure, go for 10x if you can control it effectively-and it will show you more detail, with a larger image. Especially for subjects that aren't very close, as you would expect. Even the closer ones in 10x will make a Dove look like a Pigeon! It's up to you what you want to see, and sometimes it's detail, and sometimes it's a wider field of view, but they do intermix at times depending on their specs and how they work for you.

Not to confuse, but add, I think there is a place for all the powers of bins-you just have to use them to find what they are best at for you. I don't think I would like to be without a 10x ever, unless I get the shakes and can't take advantage of the power increase they give. There are so many good ones out there to choose from, in even the lower ranges that you deserve to have at least one to use and discover their unique attributes they lend to the view. So yes, find a 10x you love, and you'll be glad you have it!
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