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Originally Posted by wdc View Post
I keep getting tempted with 10x, but have yet to pull the trigger, so have primarily a stable of 8x bins, with a few 7's, and a 6. I also have a well used pair of 15 x 50 IS Canon's that generally only come out at night..

My regular bird outing rig is an 8x bin, supplemented/augmented with a bridge camera, a Nikon p610 super zoom, which I use as a digital spotting scope when I cannot ID a distant bird with my bins. The camera weighs less than my binoculars. The image quality of extended viewing resides in the binoculars, not in the camera, btw. In that regard, a good scope would be a far superior instrument, but for a lightweight setup with a great range of useful, image stabilized magnification, it is effective. Plus its a darn good camera, if one is close enough to the bird!

I may still get a 10x, but with the camera, I'm getting roughly 25x optical magnification at the extreme end (zoom ratio is 60x), which a 10x bin doesn't really cover. I expect it will enhance viewing pleasure of closer objects a lot more than the distant ones, as odd as that may sound. Research is needed...

That is a very nice photo Bill! But, even if you can look at it on the small screen right then, or even later in large scale on the computer, you aren't seeing it in realtime in binoculars, so if you can use 10x without too much shake, then they are worth it to have and see through, in my opinion for that in the moment sensation. I don't know how you work it out in practical terms, except to carry one or the other, and just enjoy what you have at the time for the view they provide-that makes the most sense to me. Others do carry more than one bin, but that's not my idea of lightweight travel! I'm carrying enough just with me on my feet and back, than adding excess to the load.

Sure, many are younger and stronger here, and don't mind carrying more along the way. And if that is so, then the more the merrier, and I hope you do find a 10x you love as well. Do you wear glasses, Bill?

Bruce commented recently in another post that people are going birdwatching with ONLY cameras, and looking at the digital screen after the shot to see what they saw! Digital over analogue! I can't imagine this, nor do I ever want to be there. I'm fine for in the moment reality! Sure, I'll bring a camera, but that's only for birds that stand still for more than 20 seconds! Or other flora and fauna I come across.

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