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Originally Posted by Fow View Post
Hi. Did the flycatcher go missing or fly off earlier? Thankyou.
I have walked the point many many times.. and I must say that was the worst conditions for walking up there I have ever been through. Rain and very strong NW winds .. it wasn't much fun..But worth it for the Empid!
I was stuck at work in Norwich (in Norwich until 3.30pm and managed to get up there within 2 hrs!) Mainly running into the wind with bins only.

The bird only showed briefly late in the evening and there were people in the crowd that had not even seen it when I was standing there. It was keeping very low and tucked away in the far right of the plantation. The bird is not going anywhere tonight in these conditions .. even though most birds there do normally move on fairly quickly at this time of year (not much to feed on!)

Good luck to all going tomorrow .. I suggest getting there early before it decides to wing it across the marshes. Just hope it survives the night!

As for the ID .. I reckon Yellow-bellied Fly seems the more likely based on the primary projection, yellow tinged throat and plumage. I have only seem Y bellied and Least in the US .. so, one of the others would have been nice but what a first for Britain!! and in Norfolk

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