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Thanks for the comments Mike and also the useful link to birds in flight photography.

I am mainly a point and click photographer and wondered if you could offer any advice on your preferred settings.

One thing I notice is this camera seems to be battery hungry. I have bought an external charger and a couple of spares but, as I predominantly use the electronic view finder, I would also like to disable the the monitor 'live view' whilst shooting to preserve battery life.
I have bought the Kindle version of Alexander White's book and am aware that it is possible to switch the monitor on and off via the menu (fig 7-39). However, this also means that images cannot be reviewed until the monitor is switched on again.
One alternative that should be possible it to add 'monitor on/off' to a function button but I haven't worked it out yet. Have you tried this or hit on any solution to improve battery life.

Cheers John

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