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Originally Posted by MKinHK View Post
Very much a point and shoot guy myself John.

This week is a little intense, but I have a 9-day break starting Saturday and will map out all my settings - all though most of them are straight out of the factory.

I struggle to find the patience to do well with manuals and am keen to figure out how to switch with one button between high and media or low quality so that I can grab the extra zoom reach more quickly when needed.

I would also like to know where the zoom assist is as I miss this feature from my Canon SX50.

Here's a couple of shots from a work trip to Dubai in October.

Hi Mike,

I am very much a novice with this camera but I think what you want (Zoom Assist) is not in the up-front menus, you have to dig deeper and assign to a function key.

Try this,
In the second block of menu functions (the cog wheel symbol) go to Menu 5
Scroll down to Custom Key (Shoot.)
Choose a button to customise, I chose Custom Button 3
You now see a whole new range of customisable options
Keep scrolling down and select to Zoom Assist

Now, when C3 is pressed it zooms in but, for me, not far enough

Unhelpfully the 'range of zoom assist' is placed in an entirely different part of the menu system.

Go to the first block of menu functions (camera symbol)
Across to Menu 6
Scroll down to Rng. of Zoom Assist
Mine was set on S and I changed it to L

Hope this helps, just sat at my computer and not had a chance to try it in the field yet.

I assume your second query related to quickly changing from Optical Zoom to Clear Image Zoom or Digital Zoom. I also would like to assign this to a custom button but have not yet found out how. Anyone else out there have a solution?

Cheers, John
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