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So I am halfway through my trip, and about to move to my last hotel (still in Berkeley). Most of the above Itinerary happened as mentioned. I was so impressed with Fort Mason and Crissy Field (getting completely soaked in the rain on the weekend, making me lose an hour of hawk hill birding as the sun dried out the lens when it misted up with the higher temperature), that I chose to revisit them on Tuesday when it was sunny, including El Polin Spring, where I was stalked by a Coyote (YIKES!) (also got harassed at my hotel by a gang ...of Raccoons).

Some changes based on other birders offering additional heads up about other trips. I will head to Las Gallinas on the Thursday 1st December as part of the Marin Audubon society group on people I met on Hawk Hill - and so I am moving Lake Temescal to the Wednesday 30th November. Tuesday 29th November, I will join the Tuesday4birdfriends group down at East Avenue Park in Hayward. UCB BG was quite sparse for birds (time of year?) other than Steller's Jay standing out, and East Shore was quite good, especially when I found a Cedar Waxwing hotspot but may not need a revisit. So far, most bird trips have cost me less than 5 bucks (transport), with my most expensive one being 20 bucks for getting to Hawk Hill (Got a lift back from a kind local birder). So fairly happy to spend a little more to go further afield for a couple of days.
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