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The most common bird in Tehran appears to be the House Sparrow. These are thriving and are far more in evidence than I've noticed in earlier visits. Possibly to do with the big green effort being made there (the many parks and flower borders at the side of all the main roads are well maintained, newly planted trees are in evidence all over the city). Hooded Crows, as above, are also common in Tehran, as are Pigeons. Other birds of note include the very vocal flocks of common Mynas (1st pic below) and, what I was told was a Myna sub species, but one which I don't have a formal I.D. for yet (2nd pic below). Any I.D. ideas on this one?
My travels took me out of Tehran, firstly to the town of Laversun to the north. This would have been great to spend time in with a long lens, sadly all I had was my 70-200mm + 1.4x TC. Ten minutes spent watching birds yielded distant views of a Heron in flight, a Buzzard circling and the Hoopoe seen in the 3rd shot below.
3rd port of call in Iran was the city of Shiraz in the south of the country. I took lots of images of the historic sites here (on my Flickr if anyone's interested) but few different bird species to what I'd seen in Tehran. Common Mynas were again much in evidence in the parks. I did see one bird which my guide wasn't familiar with (4th pic below) in one of the parks. It looks like a type of Flycatcher perhaps? Again, any I.D. assists appreciated.

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