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Why not get in touch with your local badger group? They are always willing to help folk who are genuinely interested in seeing badgers. The National Federation of Badger Groups will be able to help you with the address.

I've been obsessed with wildlife all my life (I'm 37 now) but I didn't see my first wild badger until 2002! Just a brief glimpse of it's back as he was going through a woodland copse but it had me absolutely hyper for the rest of the evening!!!
Then in May 2004 I went along to an organised badger watch run by the Natural History Society of Northumbria and saw a mother & her cub and an enormous boar...though, apparently, he was one of the previous years' young so was not yet fully grown!

Perhaps get in touch with your local Wildlife Trust too - most of them have their own Badger/Mammal Groups.

Good luck with seeing your first badgers...they really are super animals.

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