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Originally Posted by BruceH View Post
The site worked for me but I did come across one bad link.

For whatever reason, the Kruger Caldera never makes it on my radar. I am not sure why considering that I go for the wide FOV models, especially in the 8X42. It may be the winged eye cups that push them off the list.

I believe the wings on the eye cups can be folded down for eye glass use. Do you know if they can be removed altogether without things looking hacked up?

The specs indicate they have a lot going for them ...... Di-electric coatings, ED glass and a wide FOV. Matt Cashell has a nice review on his Rokslide site where he says it also has a wide center view.

Do you think the Caldera can be grouped in this group of sub alphas discussed in this thread or is more of a quality entry model such as as the GPO ED? The going price of the Caldera looks to be about $400 which is closer to the GPO ED class and considerably less than the sub alphas discussed here.
If the Caldera questions keep coming, I'll bump up the old review I did. I guess I should not have mentioned them as they don't quite fit here anyway. The winged eye cups can't be removed. Field Optics Research ones work better anyway. I cut mine off. They have very large diameter eye cup assemblies and will be a problem for some. The diopter on the early ones like mine unlock and move far too easily. The fov on mine is 450' and the have a pretty wide sweet spot. They are not as bright as this group so I would not place them there. They do have a lot going for them, and I don't know if light transmission has gone up since I bought the initial model I have some 8-9 years ago

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