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Originally Posted by dries1 View Post
Steve C.,

Than you for providing some enlightening reading on this Sunday Morning with snow on the ground. I am new to the roof glass, so being curious how long have these brands been around. When I was a diver in the past we all used seiko divers, build like tanks....Now they are so many boutique watch brands of which have gone, or are going out of business - so no parts for repair. I have amassed some old seikos over the years, and they are over 35 years old and still going strong - they were well made and produced so many that the parts supply seems endless.
The binos you reviewed seem to be built well and have a good rep. with avid users, I just wonder if parts and service will be around in XX Years and how many they actually sell, (world numbers vs the EU or the US). Just curious.

Andy W.

None of the brands in the review have been around long enough to have much of a history. To some, that represents true tragedy. To some it is not much of an issue. I do not want to undervalue the idea of history and future continuity if repair is needed somewhere down the line. My goal is to evaluate these binoculars, one because they are there, two that potential users should have some awareness of what is there.

So I suppose it depends on where someone fits in the continuum. In fact there is little if any, technology involved in producing a binocular that is in the sole domain of a particular producer. Technology transfer has largely occurred. It further seems that the frontiers of possible improvement in the binocular of today are pretty much diminished.

A point not much noted outside of the reviews is that all of these companies are being started by people coming from pretty solid prior backgrounds in the optics business. They had to know upfront the road ahead was steep. Binoculars are not a huge business. Yet they started them anyway. Why would they do that? No reward without some risk. If you are a big player, you better keep your eyes open. Why are the new companies there in the first place? Sitting on your laurels will get you run over. Would we have the Zeiss Conquest HD or the Nikon Monarch HG if it were not for the push from the newcomers? Will the new comers push hard enough to succeed? Will the old guard innovate enough to keep their place? Vortex seems a pretty good example of a newcomer who seems to have a pretty high chance of survival. What will happen is anybody's guess.

For my part, I appreciate knowing you liked the review.

"Do what you can, where you are, with what you have" Teddy Roosevelt.

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