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Great service from Leica

I was on a birding holiday in April and my scope went over. Fortunately I managed to catch it just as it hit the deck so the only damage was a split in the pull-up eyecup on the eyepiece.
When I got home I contacted Leica through their website to see if I could get a replacement as this is the 32WW eyepice for the APO 62/77 scopes which have been out of production for some time. My eyepiece is around 12 or 13 years old.
Leica replied that the eyecup is still available but needs a special tool to fit so I'd have to send the eyepiece in to them rather than try to fit it myself ... but they would do it free of charge!!!
This I duly did and now have my eyepiece back as good as new. I wasn't even charged for return postage. Excellent customer service - many thanks Leica
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