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Originally Posted by Boogieshrew View Post
Iíve never put in or attached a tripod to my backpack. Itís always on a shoulder strap or actually resting on my shoulder or recently on a mule pack. Size has never been an issue. Iím more interested in the least number leg sections and stability for my Nikon EDG 85. A heavy scope.

If really want to go light itís a Nikon ED50 on a shoulder stock. Bliss for the shoulders ��
I have the ED50 angled and a Cullman shoulder stock.
It works ok, but not great. Possibly an ED50 straight would work better, but for me, the combo only works with the Nikon 16x or at most the 20x eye piece. Anything more just magnifies the jitters, so then it is time for a tripod.

Separately, good on you for the EDG 85! I've often thought of one in the VR version, because it seems to me still the best scope currently available.
Sadly Nikon went out of the alpha scope business and I'm not travelling enough to need one.
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