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I’m back! 6 years ago we bought our first house which had a small garden with no trees. I did attract some birds but the mess was too much for a small garden and also I thought it was a bit dodgy with lots of cats about, so stopped feeding the birds.

We have just moved to our new house which lucky for us backs on to woods. Soon got some sunflower seeds out and next day we had a Coal Tit on the feeder. We are now having lots of Blue and Great Tits, The odd Coal Tit, Wrens, Blackbirds, Robins visiting, and Nuthatch yesterday too. Also a Buzzard in the trees last night which is amazing as 20 odd years ago, we’d only see Buzzards on the M5 motorway heading south. Looking forward to establishing our garden on the bird’s guide to finding some good food!
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