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Back from a short trip to California, so now I can finally update this with what I found...

23/8/2019 - Mountain View & San Francisco, CA, USA

Quick trip to visit a friend back from my undergraduate years at Southampton. Birding wasn't the aim of the trip, but my non-birder friend may have had to put up with a little more birding than he'd expected

First some California commons from near the house in Mountain View:

367. California Towhee
368. California Scrub Jay
369. Western Gull

Then we headed into San Francisco for the day. Walked from the station up to Pier 39 and got a few more for the list, including the first lifers of the trip:

370. Heermann's Gull
371. * Red-Masked Parakeet
372. Brandt's Cormorant
373. * Western Grebe

Then onto a boat for a whale-watching tour. Had hoped for a few pelagic birds, and did indeed get a few, but the sea was extremely rough and the trip was generally a bit of a washout...

374. * Pelagic Cormorant
375. * Sooty Shearwater
376. * Elegant Tern
377. Caspian Tern

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