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3 sessions, apologies for the delay :-)

Many thanks to all concerned.

30/1 Ringing at site 2.

Mist netting at feed station

Blackbird new 4
retrap 8
Chaffinch new 3
Coal tit new 1
Dunnock new 2
retrap 1
Robin new 3
retrap 4
Sparrowhawk new 1
Tree sparrow new 4
retrap 1
Yellowhammer new 15
retrap 2
TOTALS new 33
retrap 16

One of the blackbirds was the same Helgoland ringed bird that we have caught in the last two winters. The sparrowhawk was the first female that has ever stayed long enough in my trainer's nets to get caught. It took a while for him to convince himself that he really had a female after all these years.

Also seen/heard around site 2 -
Tawny owl
Mistle thrush (singing)
Greater spotted woodpecker (drumming)
Pied wagtail
Reed bunting

23/1 Whoosh neeting at rape bait at site 1.

Linnet new 55
retrap 8

23/1 Ringing at site 2.

Mist netting at wild bird cover

Blue tit new 1
Bullfinch new 1
retrap 1
Dunnock new
retrap 1
Robin new
retrap 1

TOTAL new 2
retrap 3

Also seen heard around catching site
Barb owl
Tawny owl
Greater spotted woodpecker (drumming)
80+ linnet
Reed bunting
The farmer reported finding several dead redwing.

At the feeding station at site 1 recently
11 grey partridge
an ermine

Mainly forgetting corvids, game birds, gulls, pigeons and tits.

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