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Originally Posted by pbjosh View Post
Here's an alternative thought: The Canopy Tower in Panama. They pick you up at the airport, and drop you off when you're done. They take you birding every day with excellent guides. They have a lodge in tropical forest near the canal and the city and another in the foothills a few hours away (as well as a third, further away, in the Darien). Off season packages are pretty reasonably priced. Whether or not it is an option for you I can't say but they are a great option, in general, for folks who want to see a lot of birds in the tropics and not deal with logistics.
I'll definately be visiting Panama one year either independently or on a bird tour.

Regards Costa Rica I've gone for the lazy option and booked a package deal in Guanacaste. I just couldn't face car hire, a three or four hour bus journey or an expensive cab ride. The hotel is surrounded by plenty of inviting habitat that I can happily wander around in plus I will be looking to book two or three day trips to the hotspots.

Thanks for all your suggestions.
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