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I thought I would attach this question to this post rather than starting an entirely new thread...

Could anyone provide some pointers on Crimson Sunbird localities and habits - in Singapore specifically would be great, but general observations from other locations would also be very welcome. I did see the species twice, once by chance in treetops near the Benjamin Sheares Bridge (a somewhat odd location I thought but I did see the yellow rump) and once where it should be, in the orchid area of the Botanic Gardens, but my brother is there now and has tried the Botanic Gardens a few times for no result. Are they more active at any particular time of the day, do they tend to stay higher in the trees than the much more ubiquitous olive-backed sunbird, do they prefer more forested areas and are any particular flowers preferred etc? I've googled up some videos of both species calling so should be able to tell the two apart if they call.

Many thanks in advance,
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