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Originally Posted by Steve C View Post
Again there appears to be a contradiction here. One of the problems inherent in Rico's posts is the stated idea he can freehand high magnification binoculars. Lots of people, including me, are understandably perplexed by this. I dug out a 20x60 Pentax porro, the largest magnification binocular I have. I most assuredly am unable to use it in the manner I think Rico is saying. Again, maybe the translation is somehow inaccurate.
The largest magnification bino I have is a Conquest 15x56 and very early in my time with it, in a fit of enthusiasm, I took it as my only bino on trip to a nature reserve about 100 miles away and then to a weekend away on the coast. In the nature reserve, resting my elbows on the hide/blind shelves the image was tolerable if a little 'twitchy' but my time on the coast was mostly a disaster because I could only hold the bino steady for a minute or two. This might have been OK if all I wanted to do was identify species and tick them off a list, providing no difficult species turned up requiring extended viewing. But I enjoy watching behaviour rather than listing species and my performance those days with the 15x was lamentable. Since then the big Conquest has accompanied us on holidays and set up on a tripod indoors overlooking sea lochs and bays and has give wonderful views. So I am absolutely clear that I could not enjoy the image through a 25x bino that was hand-held. However I am of retired age and do not have the muscle-mass I had when I was younger. Maybe a stronger person who can train themselves to tolerate the image can be happy with it.

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