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Once one has viewed steady, high powered images (say 15x and more), the value of a good support system is made exceedingly clear, whether it is IS, a tripod, or some other means. I have had difficulty in this thread fully grasping whether Rico has been saying that 25X hand held will yield more detail, just because of the increased magnification, or whether it is actually a useful, everyday practice to handhold optics at that magnification. If its the latter, I don't agree at all, admittedly based on a lack of experience with such an endeavor, save comparing Canon 15 x50 views with the IS on and off, as well as using a spotting scope at 25x while sitting down, with it in my lap.

Since he's already made clear he is no birder, then I'm not sure what the basis of his rationalizations are for this thread. Some of the magnification 'jumps' seem like useful measures for thinking practically about relationships between binoculars and fixed mag. eyepieces on a scope, when one is hauling all that gear around. Otherwise, the supposition that just because one might fleetingly be able to see 'more' detail at 25x handheld, than without is more or less a beer drinking discussion, not a practical piece of advice for field use. Alexis has already said it better, which I do appreciate. Thank you Alexis! And, Rico, I'm not sure that google translate is doing you any favors in this, or other threads. I do appreciate your enthusiasm though!

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