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Originally Posted by tenex View Post
I'm glad to see this discussion start to get somewhere. I think we all want to understand the experience Rico is describing handholding 25x or even 100x, even if it may not be relevant to our own usual purposes. A while ago Binastro raised a question that occurs to me also: for how long at a time can you actually get this highly detailed view of the target, and how is that useful or enjoyable?

Rico, do you find yourself largely having to remember all the details that you so briefly glimpsed? Are you sure that you remember them accurately? Do you perhaps have what's called photographic memory that would allow this?
I don't think I have a particular photographic memory, but the idea is good and it certainly connects well with the structure of vision as it is described in medical texts.
What I see in these questions (I don't know if it is correct) is the curiosity typical of when the topic is not clear, but interesting.
Certainly, as I have already said, the physical and perceptive (automatic and unconscious) capacities of sight, find merit in these situations (100x type). Observation time is limited only by the weight and shape of the binoculars. If it weighed max 400g and had the structure of a 7x35 Porro-prism, it would be usable without time limits.
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