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Originally Posted by Alexis Powell View Post
This detail is a triviality...
Sorry Alexis, I indicated that because it's not trivial. I understood what you meant, but since the point of my initial explanation was focused on the pixels and the sensor, that detail becomes central.
Hope you can understand.

The human eye is not a quantum detector. But in any case, the retina is made up of sensitive elements of finite number, distributed "similarly" to the grid of a photographic sensor. The spatial resolution of the eye is determined by the retina, which does not reach the maximum potential of the optical counterpart (crystalline, cornea, moods, etc.).
But then, the maximum visual acuity is generally lower than the retinal value, because the bottleneck is the optic nerve, which cannot 100% carry all that data.

Thus. In the 3x example, the 18Mp becomes 2Mp (not 6Mp).

I think it is better for everyone else, to indicate the correct corresponding value, so misunderstandings or misinterpretations derived from reading will be avoided.

I like the work you have done, and I am reading everything willingly

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