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Hypothetical situation.
If this bird is was lost during a race or free flight around the loft, what would get the blame.
A bird of prey would, as this is the easy option.
The birds capabilities of finding it's own way home would never come into question. That's like admitting that you have just spent a fortune, to some, on a dud bird, you abilities and knowledge as a Pigeon fancier/racer is now definitely in question, and what for the cheaper birds in your loft. Worthless!!
Now, who is going to admit to that??

Me personally, for 60,000:00 I would expect that this bird would be overtaking Pergs' during a stoop.


Hi everybody
Sorry to come so late into the fray but Ive been on holiday .
I see the usual lets hate all pigeon fancier brigade are at it again any one would think we where the spawn of the devil . Sorry to disapoint but we are mostly (99%) resonable people who love our birds and hobby .
I can assure you that not claiming racing pigeons is taken seriously and failure to do so means expulsion from the RPRA .
I am sure that in every pursuit or hobby there will always be a rogue element so please do not judge the vast majority by of the actions of the few . As for paying 60,000 for a pigeon well you pays your money and you takes your chance , mind you for that money I would expect it to fly faster than Concorde never mind the odd Perg .
Just to finish on a lighter note a guy once said to me " you pigeon fanciers are all the same when they dont come back you kill them " (a true story)
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