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Hi Steve, There was a hide going up on the North pit but the RSPB has a had a few grants withdrawn, I was told by people involved with the RSPB. The North pit being the best pit for species variety and attracting wader and duck species resident and migrant which birdwatchers like to see.
Also there is a question of hide vandalism (hides being set alight which has happened at Kingsbury Waterpark and just recently Ladywalk). The proposed bridge to the pools on the East side of the river has not been built yet. These pools attract illegal fishing, some of them locals some nice folk and others who stop all nigt and smash down phragmites to get to the waters edge to fish. Also a group of 20 teenagers who have been seen regulary partriculary in summer Barbequeing and drinking beer, boys and girls swimming naked in the water and spending time on the islands here which has driven off the majority of the nesting Black-headed Gulls . They have been seen there at 2 a.m in the morning by night fishernmen and setting fire to vegtation, all these reports have gone to the RSPB..
Once the proposed bridge is built no doubt they will find there way to the new hide on the North pit and the hide will suffer vandalism and burning in it's life at some point. However the RSPB will put up a hide here and will see what happens, some of these hides may cost 20,000.
In the next few weeks the RSPB plan to build a feeding station close to the carpark, which may give disabled people a little to go at, whilst other plans are underway. I know a few disabled people and all have made angry comments about the distances involved on the reserve especially to the North pit.
For the able bodied you can bird watch and get exercise at the same time, mountain bikers are also using the Reserve,also dog walkers but there are signs up now saying no dogs allowed.
Regards, John
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