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There are indeed a couple of photos of HB’s from previous years.

It would be nice to see the current ones the location can be vague - North Wales will do...

I echo the sentiment of needless tagging that will yield pointless info and put stress on birds. Some of thes people think they have a right to interfere with stuff and for a species that still appears to be common in its core range and migrates in truly astonishing numbers recorded at key locations any info, as far as the welfare of the species is concerned, will be of little if any use imho and serves the interests of those involved...

It must be something in the water because there is a group of ringers in mid-Wales led by some sort of obsessive guru that seem hell bent on ringing anything that moves and has no shortage of acolytes and sycophants that are willing to undergo ‘processing’ (you know who you are).

Posession of a ringing license does not give people carte-blanche to do what they wish with creatures that do not belong to them indeed they do not belong to anybody

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